Mary Catherine Meredith Bursary

Mary Catherine and Chip Meredith

The Mary Catherine Meredith Bursary is given to a student whose accomplishments include meritorious interest or achievement related to the fine arts, with particular reference, but not exclusively confined to, music.

Ten days or so before Charles Bloomfield Meredith passed away in January 1999, he met with Bill Ross, the Headmaster at the time, to declare that he had put aside some money from his estate to create an award to be set up in the name of his late wife, Mary Catherine Meredith. Molly, as she was affectionately known, obviously helped Chip fulfil his dreams. After careful thought, it is clear that Chip wanted to perpetuate his love for Molly and her attributes by helping Brentwood students to fulfil theirs.

Prior to his death, Chip, as he was known to local Mill Bay residents, initiated discussions with Mr. Ross with a view to exploring appropriate ways to recognize his wife, Mary (Molly) Catherine Meredith. Chip spoke with love and admiration for Molly’s wonderful, cheerful spirit, her appreciation for beauty in all of its forms, but particularly in music and the arts. Chip highlighted Molly’s youthfulness, a quality that she maintained throughout her life even to the time of her death in December 1987.

Chip and Molly were frequent visitors to Brentwood College. They enjoyed listening to Brentwood’s bands, choirs, individual performers, and attended special events, such as major musicals. Chip explained that Molly and he enjoyed not only the melodies, but that they loved to hear the English language spoken with clarity, simplicity, and liveliness.

To further develop a legacy in memory of Molly, Chip spoke to Brentwood students on several occasions. With Bill Ross, he attended painting and drawing classes, sculpting sessions, choir and band practices, and listened to individual students play their instruments or sing. Chip spoke briefly to each group, highlighting the need for each and everyone of us to use what we have been privileged to learn to bring smiles to the faces of those we love or come to know.

Underlying his message was his abiding love for Molly, her wonderful, cheerful spirit, and the very special circumstance that linked them to the groups that now form our Campus. Both employed by the solarium, Chip as a handyman and Molly as a kitchen worker, met here in 1929, fell in love, and married in 1931.

This truly magnificent gift was created through many, many years of saving. Through their labour, Molly and Chip set aside small amounts, perhaps with no specific purposes in mind apart from a desire to be helpful to others. Chip and Molly lived, and wanted to live, a simple life, desiring little for themselves. They worked hard. They saved. In perpetuity, stemming from these savings, there will be students whose enrolment is made possible by this very generous and unique endowment. The Head of School, faculty and students of Brentwood College will do their utmost at all times to justify the faith and confidence that Chip Meredith placed in us through these bursaries which have been established to honour his loving wife "Molly".

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