Ways to Donate

There are many tax efficient ways to make your gift to Brentwood College School including cash, publicly-listed securities, bequests, trust funds, insurance policies and real estate.

  • Direct deposit through your own on-line banking system (payee: Brentwood College School, account number: DONATE).  If you would like to designate your gift to a specific fund, please email Michelle Pace with details.
  • VISA or Master Card through our secure on-line giving system
  • Mail cheque or money order, payable to Brentwood College Association, to The Advancement Office, 2735 Mount Baker Road, Mill Bay, B.C. V0R 2P1. If you are making a donation to a specific fund,  there is a section on the form for specifying this.  
  • For US residents, you can make your donation via FRISBE (Friends of Independent Schools and Better Education) and receive a US tax receipt (FRISBE explained). Make an online donation at www.frisbe.org or print and fill out this form and mail it with your cheque, payable to FRISBE, to 117 E. Louisa Street, #355, Seattle, WA 98102.
  • Publicly-Listed Securities. There is no capital gains tax on listed securities that are donated to registered Canadian charities such as Brentwood College, and you will receive an official receipt for income tax purposes for the value of the stocks.  There are particular advantages to donating flow-through shares.  Please contact Ian McPherson for details. 
    Use this giving form for gifts of stock
    Use this form for gifts of stock from the USA
  • International transfers: click here for instructions on transferring funds outside of Canada directly to Brentwood
  • Bequests. Gifts made through a will are important legacies to provide for the future of Brentwood College.  If you are planning to make a provision for the school, we would appreciate being advised so we can recognize your generosity.  A gift may be stated as a specific dollar amount, a percentage of the estate or the residual of the estate.  
  • Trust Funds. A trust can be established in memory of someone or for a specific purpose.  We will be pleased to discuss options of mutual benefit to both the individual and the school.
  • Life insurance provides an affordable way to make a significant non-taxable contribution because the proceeds are completely separate from your estate. By establishing a life insurance policy in Brentwood's name, you can benefit from immediate tax deductions on your monthly premiums.
  • Real Estate or "In-Kind" gifts. Individuals may donate land, buildings or other assets such as artwork, to Brentwood College.  Such gifts are appraised on the date received and an official tax receipt is issued for the appraised value.
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