Brentwood Resources

Welcome to the Brentwood Resources landing page. This page will provide parents and the media access to important school related information necessary for staying connected to school throughout the school year.


Welcome to our Orientation website. This site is full of information that will help you get through orientation successfully. This includes: Schedule, FAQs, Forms, Contact information and more.

If you are looking for a local place to stay and things to do in the area while you get your child settled into the school, please link through to the Tourism Cowichan website for a list Hotels and local tourism Associations.

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School Documents

The School Documents page is a link to our Brentwood Files webpage where parents have access to the Handbook, Informed Consent Booklet,  Fees, Health Forms, Major Dates and more.

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Major Dates/ Leave Dates

The School Major Dates shows the major school activities for the year including holidays and breaks. The Leave Dates show all the Brentwood school holidays and the travel timelines that come along with them. The Leave Dates for 2019-20 and Major Dates 2019-20 can be found on the School Documents page under the Key Dates heading.

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The Calendar page is a direct link to the Brentwood College MySchool Calendar platform. This calendar lists everything happening at the school so parents can remain easily informed on school events and important dates. 

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Brentwood Travel

The management of student travel is an important task and related to student safety. Brentwood’s travel system in MySchool (Parent Portal) is designed to help the School manage student transport to and from Vancouver Island points of entry at the ferry terminals and airports over School breaks. As outlined in your Informed Consent package parents are given 2 options for the management of travel to and from the School.

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Parent Portal

The parent portal page is a direct link to the Brentwood College MySchool platform where parents receive notices and updates relevant to their child and the school. Here parents can connect with teachers, plan their child's travel and see their child's schedule.

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Summer Camps

The Summer Camps page is a link to our Summer Camps webpage where parents have access to information for our camps. Last year these included, Musical Theatre, Soccer, Academics Camp Canada, Kingswood Summer Language Program Camp and Debate Camp CANADA.

New information will be coming soon but in the meantime please have a look at last year's offerings to get an idea of the timing and price of the camps. Below there is a PDF which also highlights the dates of some of our 2019 camps.

Go to Brentwood Summer Camps Website to view the 2019 offerings and costs.



The employment page is where we post all of the career opportunities at the school. From faculty, staff, marketing, administration, and more. If you are interested in working at Brentwood, please visit this page regularly to find employment opportunities.

Contact Us

To contact the school or a specific individual who works at the school, please contact us directly and our administrative staff will redirect you appropriately.

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