Athletics Review Term Two

Apr 05, '17

While the campus was quiet over Spring Break, many of our student-athletes were extremely busy. The first group that deserves mention is the Senior Boys Basketball team which spent its break winning Brentwood’s first ever AA Provincial Basketball title! The boys went into the tournament as the #1 seed and steamrolled their way to the final where...

"Einstein and Picasso go into a bar….”

Mar 03, '17

This is not the start of a joke but the plot of a funny play, "Picasso at the Lapin Agile" by comic Steve Martin. The fictional meeting takes place in the Paris bar, "Lapin Agile" (translated loosely as the lively rabbit) in the year 1904. The young Einstein and Picasso are not yet famous but the patrons at the bar are...

Continuous Improvement

Mar 03, '17

Over the last 18 months, we have been on a  journey of self-assessment and discovery. As a member of the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS), Brentwood is part of a 96 school family that reaches from coast to coast. Every seven years, schools take part in an accreditation process that focuses on school improvement across twelve...

Charity Work Day 2017

Mar 03, '17

On Saturday, April 1st, Brentwood will roll up our sleeves, put our work clothes on, and head into our local community serve our neighbours and to raise funds for local organizations which depend on the generosity of others to help those in need. Charity Work Day embraces the belief that it is better to give than to receive. Research tell us that...

Brentwood Athletics Review – February 2017

Mar 03, '17

Basketball and hockey are the main competitive sports that run through our busy second term and all of these teams have enjoyed successful seasons. Our hockey team has just finished hosting the 18th Annual Ross Cup Tournament, one of the top high-school hockey tournaments in BC. Our senior team was primed and played some excellent hockey putting...

The New & Improved Grade 8 Classroom

Mar 03, '17

As Grade 8s, we spend a great deal of time in our homeroom classroom, so as a class, we decided it was time for a contemporary upgrade for our furniture. Before winter break, we had a class vote on which tables, chairs and couches to add to our room. Coming back to school in January, we were surprised to see freshly painted walls that livened up...

90 Minute Classes? How Will I Survive?

Feb 10, '17

As we returned from Winter Break, the students, teachers and staff took on the challenge of trying out a different timetable for five weeks. We have just reached the end of the trial period and it’s a good time to show how teachers and students are experiencing one 90 minute class a week for each course they take in the academic morning. Teachers...

Athletic Roundup

Feb 10, '17

January was a busy time for our competitive sports teams. The hockey program was very active in the month of January including a series of league games and a trip to Vancouver for the St. George’s tournament. The senior team started off the month with a closely fought game against Francis Kelsey in which we were able to take the win. We then...

Eco–tagging…a friendly way to make our mark - Grade 9 3D arts project

Feb 10, '17

Inspired by international environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy, each semester the Grade 9s embark on an environmental sculpture project as part of their 3D design experience. The aim of the project is not only to reinforce design principles and appreciation of aesthetics but also to raise student awareness of the preciousness and fragility of our...

What does it mean to be “diverse”?

Feb 10, '17

I recently attended the Independent Schools Association of British Columbia (ISABC) Head’s meetings in Nanaimo. The Association is made up of 26 schools from around the province and we try to create a theme for generative discussion during every meeting. This time we discussed the notion of “diversity” and how we, as an association, were...

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