Tackling Tests

Feb 06, '18

All English 12 students wrote their provincial exam this past Thursday, January 25th. Delivered online and written on laptops, this exam is worth no less than 40% of the total English 12 final grade. Although students were well prepared for all aspects of this test and also knew they were able to rewrite in April, given the high stakes nature of...

Learning Our Learning Skills

Dec 13, '17

Last week reports were published to MySchool for parents and students to see. A difference, this year, for the document is the appearance of learning skills. These were introduced last year in our Grade 8 program and now form the basis of assessment for how a student approaches learning. The four learning skills of Manages time, assignments and...

Debate's Busy Autumn

Dec 13, '17

It has been a busy season for all manner of our public speakers, with students competing at various regional events, as well as two international-level competitions. In late October, just before mid-term break, three of our senior students traveled to Winnipeg to compete in the annual International Independent Schools Public Speaking...

November Sports Review

Dec 13, '17

A number of teams wrapped up very successful competitive seasons in November.   Soccer Our senior boys’ soccer team had a thrilling playoff run to end their season. After capturing the Mid-Island league title, the boys advanced to the North Island Championship and ultimately qualified for Islands where they placed 3rd and earned their...

The Splits - Forming Good Habits

Dec 13, '17

At Assembly last Thursday, I (sort of) made “good” on a promise I made to our students in September. I shared with them, then, that on average it takes 66 days to cement a habit, and I challenged them to take one on. In fact, I, too, would pick something and prove to them, some 66 days later, it works. Each year, I set goals for myself - both...

Tis’ The Season For Music!

Nov 10, '17

First, “The Lion King” Our Grade 8 class is thrilled to present The Lion King Jr. Come and share their African adventure as the animals of the Pride lands welcome the new lion cub, Simba, into the world. Share their fear as Scar recruits the Hyenas to do his dirty work with his murderous plan to become King. Warm your hearts with love rekindled...

Sustainable Development Goals in 21st Century Studies

Nov 10, '17

In the 2016-2017 school year, a Makerspace was opened to take advantage of the woodworking shop and the 3D sculpture studio during the academic morning. Teachers were encouraged to provide opportunities for students to create, with links to curriculum, in this space. Currently, groups of Grade 9 students have been spotted in there working on an...

From Hand to Hand

Nov 10, '17

There has been plenty of discussion, recently, about the importance and controversy around historical monuments. While I won’t venture into this emotionally charged subject, it caused me to reflect on Brentwood’s ode to our past and key markers on our campus that speak to our history. In very much the Brentwood way, a small and subtle tribute is...

October Sports Review

Nov 10, '17

As you may know, things are never dull in the world of Brentwood Athletics.  In the first term we place a heavy emphasis on team sport.  There is no better way to get to know your peers, and the lessons learned from playing on a team last a lifetime.  It is easy to see the benefits of working closely together towards specific goals...

Arts Review

Oct 20, '17

September and October have been buzzing with arts activities as studios and performance spaces welcomed our student artists back. The musical ensembles are tuning up for upcoming services and performances while both Musical Theatre and Senior Play have auditioned for productions. We have also added Public Speaking to the menu which has attracted...

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