September Artyfacts

Oct 04, '19

The arts classes are now humming with activity as students begin their creative journeys in the various studios and performing art spaces. Our showcases and performances in the Killy Theatre will soon be available for you to book on our site and we are very excited about our upcoming productions. Here, at a glance, are the...

Athletics Review – September 2019

Oct 04, '19

Welcome back Brentwood family and friends! We are looking forward to another active and exciting year in Brentwood Athletics.  It has been a busy start to the year and our students appear keen and eager to engage in their sports. It is wonderful to see the fields, gym, weight rooms, tennis courts and waterfront alive with activity once again....

The Vision is Realized

Oct 04, '19

Neil Robinson and Sue Cheung applied for a Brentwood Innovation Grant in 2017 to develop an idea they had for an integrated program in Grade 9. They envisioned a pilot program to combine three courses with a delivery that had fewer boundaries between the courses. It became clear that this approach would be an opportunity for all Grade 9s to...

Brentwood Orientation Week

Oct 04, '19

Something very out of the ordinary happens every Labour Day Weekend at Brentwood. For some strange reason, more than a hundred Brentwood students volunteer to return to school early and help the faculty and staff prepare to welcome the new students. While most of us are yearning for at least a few more sun drenched, lazy days of summer,...

Control the Controllable

Oct 04, '19

I love my morning routine. I wake up to Mrs. Patel’s less-than-quiet movement around the room, including the bright lights seeping from the cracks in the bathroom door. Enjoying a warm shower and a shave – though I must admit that I strongly dislike shaving. After getting ready - in accordance with the daily texts I receive from the sartorial...

Metamorphosis 9

Aug 08, '19

The world of education has been undergoing significant changes in the last decade that have asked educators to look at teaching and learning from different perspectives. In British Columbia, the Ministry of Education recognized this by redesigning curriculum to allow for more personalization and student choice, as well as school-led initiatives...

Asylum Denied

May 24, '19

In our Comparative Cultures 12 class Mr. Robinson gave us an assignment to choose a cultural conflict in a different country and teach whoever we are presenting to about the conflict and ways to help fix it. He gave us the freedom to express it however we wanted. After seeing an example of a man who made a song and animation about the residential...

The Monday Morning Music Society

May 24, '19

In 1994, Phil Newns, the Late Lori Carroll and the Late Bev Medford founded the “Choirs in Concert Society”. Since then, the name of the society has been changed and registered as the “Monday Morning Music Society”.   Over the past 25 years, the society has raised over $90,000 for special needs people in the Cowichan Valley and beyond....

Exams in the Headlights

May 23, '19

Once again, it is that time of the year when Brentwood students prepare vigorously for exams (Advanced Placement and otherwise) as they focus on recollecting knowledge from the past. I took the AP Biology exam last week, and as I reflect upon my two year journey of endlessly memorizing various facts about signal transduction pathways, and pulled...

Mr. Liam Sullivan

May 07, '19

I first heard about Liam Sullivan several years before he arrived at Brentwood from an old friend and colleague (and former student and latterly rugby teammate) who, at the time, was working with Liam at Collingwood School. Liam was a social studies teacher and a basketball coach. My friend said this: "Liam Sullivan is a character guy -...

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