Metamorphosis 9

Aug 08, '19

The world of education has been undergoing significant changes in the last decade that have asked educators to look at teaching and learning from different perspectives. In British Columbia, the Ministry of Education recognized this by redesigning curriculum to allow for more personalization and student choice, as well as school-led initiatives...

Asylum Denied

May 24, '19

In our Comparative Cultures 12 class Mr. Robinson gave us an assignment to choose a cultural conflict in a different country and teach whoever we are presenting to about the conflict and ways to help fix it. He gave us the freedom to express it however we wanted. After seeing an example of a man who made a song and animation about the residential...

The Monday Morning Music Society

May 24, '19

In 1994, Phil Newns, the Late Lori Carroll and the Late Bev Medford founded the “Choirs in Concert Society”. Since then, the name of the society has been changed and registered as the “Monday Morning Music Society”.   Over the past 25 years, the society has raised over $90,000 for special needs people in the Cowichan Valley and beyond....

Exams in the Headlights

May 23, '19

Once again, it is that time of the year when Brentwood students prepare vigorously for exams (Advanced Placement and otherwise) as they focus on recollecting knowledge from the past. I took the AP Biology exam last week, and as I reflect upon my two year journey of endlessly memorizing various facts about signal transduction pathways, and pulled...

Mr. Liam Sullivan

May 07, '19

I first heard about Liam Sullivan several years before he arrived at Brentwood from an old friend and colleague (and former student and latterly rugby teammate) who, at the time, was working with Liam at Collingwood School. Liam was a social studies teacher and a basketball coach. My friend said this: "Liam Sullivan is a character guy -...

Self Assessment of Core Competencies

May 07, '19

The new BC curriculum mandates that all schools include an element of reflection by the students in their end-of-year report cards. This year, as the new curriculum is phased in, you will see these reflections if you are a parent of a student in Grades 8, 9 or 10. The students will be asked to think about how they have developed in each of the 4...

Here Comes the Sun!

May 07, '19

Spring has sprung and the Brentwood fields, courts, and waterfront have been flooded with sunshine and a full array of sports action.   On the fields, our boys and girls rugby teams are rounding into form and getting ready to gear up for the provincial championships later this month.  The Senior Boys have shown steady progress all...

Tool Belts Required

May 07, '19

Our students are entering a more competitive, complicated and compressed world that is seemingly rotating more quickly than ever. The pace of change due to technological advancements, demographic shifts, and political unrest has us teetering on a knife’s edge. To navigate these turbulent times, students require a wide variety of skills to place in...

Colours – Evening of Dance 2019

May 07, '19

Look around, there is colour everywhere: in nature, in art, in cities, in our homes and in dance! Each year the students of Brentwood suggest possible themes for our annual showcase, The Evening of Dance. This year the winning idea allowed us to 'move in colour'. This theme gave our students and choreographers an opportunity to interpret and...

Spring Term Sport 2019

Apr 06, '19

Spring Break gave notice that Spring term sport was about to begin but while most students were off on holidays, some were still competing or training during this time. The Senior Boys Basketball team finished up their season with a trip to Langley and the BC Boys 2A Provincial Championship. Their youth and inexperience showed at this high level...

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