Zoom Poetry Was A Slam

Monday, April 27, 2020 - By: Zosia S, Hope ‘21, Writing from Prince Rupert, BC

With the new protocols surrounding COVID-19, Brentwood’s tight-knit community has been forced to disperse around the world. Every student and teacher is now adjusting frantically to Zoom rooms instead of classrooms and accepting the fact that there is a lot right now that is out of our control. We no longer have the opportunity to wake up every morning next to our snoring roommates, indulge in Sunday brunches, or simply talk in the hallways with our amazing teachers. Life is different now, yet we at Brentwood have somehow managed to keep some things the same. The sense of community and family has yet to falter during these trying times as people are stepping up to maintain communication and even host events.

On Friday April 17th, there was a boom in Mr Collis’ poetry zoom room. Jayden J, Hope ‘20, organized yet another successful Slam Poetry Night, but this one was a little different. For the first time ever, the event took place online. I was taken aback by how many students and teachers paid a visit to the gathering. Over 40 people attended and when I spoke with Jayden she said that this slam night showed how the event was “So vital under the current circumstances” and how it was “proof that B'wood's community is staying strong together”. It varied slightly as there were no Timbits or other snacks, but it was the same in that “It was a chill, relaxing environment where people were comfortable to share poetry and prose” Jayden explained. Zoom was an excellent platform to host this event - although I may have to write an email to the founders in order to request a virtual snapping action in the participants’ bar. ;-)

As per usual, the support of the Brentwood students was astounding; after every poem recitation, the chats were flooding with compliments and encouraging comments. Not only was this event a valuable opportunity to come together, but it was also, as Ferrari Justice (a regular slammer), Mackenzie ‘20, added, “good to share our feelings with each other”. Poems were written and recited about current events and their obstacles which really helped form a comforting parallel between our lives.

The night came to a close after Mr Collis recited his heartwarming poem, “I Miss That Kid”. I don’t know about everyone else, but it sure brought a tear to my eye. If I could, I would write an entire response to his poem describing the teachers and staff that I miss, but for the sake of space on this blog I will just say this: I miss that teacher who always encourages his students to excel beyond the self set boundaries of the mind and live as well as learn.

I’d like to say a special thanks to Jayden Jung for organizing this event as well as Mr Collis for hosting it in his Zoom room; although it may not be the same as The Colliseum R301 in the Ross Building, the Zoom room held my peers and their creative expressions. We may have to be isolated, but our words do not.

Zosia S, Hope ‘21, Writing from Prince Rupert, BC

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