YPI 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015 - By: Julia S & Aidan M, Alex House ‘18 & Scott W, Ellis '15

Coming back from Christmas break, the Grade nine 21st Century classes had been working on a project called YPI, or Youth and Philanthropy Initiative. We all chose a local charity to research and do a presentation on explaining why our charity was worthy of a generous $5000 grant from the Toskan Casale Foundation. www.toskanfoundation.org

To augment our research and experience, we got to visit our charity and interview individuals who worked or volunteered there. As well, Reza Behboudi came to visit us to share the story of his difficulties before immigrating to Canada and getting help from a charity in Vancouver. He delved into his struggle in jail in Iran and how charities positively impacted his life. 

After being helped, he came to volunteer in the Cowichan Valley at a charity called the Cowichan Intercultural Society, which one of our grade nine groups had been researching. 

After presenting in front of our classes, a group from each class moved onto the finals to present in front of guest judges and the entire Grade 9 class. As a result of all our hard work and good will, we all came out as winners knowing that we had contributed to bettering community even just a little.

Julia S. & Aidan M, Alex House, ‘18

Below is a short piece from one of this year’s YPI judges, Scott Wheaton, Ellis ‘15 who was a runner up in his Grade 9 year.

Three years ago, I was fortunate enough to participate in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative offered at Brentwood; our group were runners-up. The group that provides the most compelling, thoughtful, and well put together presentation receives a donation to their chosen charity. This year, I was invited to be a judge of the presentations from the Grade 9s. The presentations were filled with genuine personal stories and demonstrated developed and talented presentation skills. The groups impressed me with their abilities, and the one representing the Sundrops Children’s Centre was privileged enough to take a cool $5000 donation back to the charity. 

This fantastic initiative offered at a growing number of schools is a terrific way to teach students how to convey a persuasive presentation and give back to the community.

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