Youth and Philanthropy Initiative

Tuesday, September 01, 2015 -

Below is the text of a speech made at Assembly earlier this year by Grade 9s Aidan, Nik, Aleah and Julia.

Aidan: Hi, I'm Aidan along with Nik, Aleah and Julia and today we are going to be talking to you about YPI, or the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative.

Julia: For this project, all the Grade 9s chose a local charity to research and do a presentation on explaining why their charity was worthy of a generous $5000 grant from the Toskan Casale Foundation.

Nik: To augment our research and experience, we got to visit our charity in Duncan and interview individuals who worked or volunteered there.

Aleah: We made it to the finals with our charity, The Sundrops Centre for Child Development, which helps children with developmental disabilities. After being chosen to represent our class in the finals, our charity was chosen to win the $5000 grant.

Aidan: With this money The Sundrops Centre will be able to purchase special equipment for the children and their families to better their abilities in the long term.

Julia: We would like to call Mr. Dominic Rockall, Director of the Sundrops Centre to the stage to accept this $5000 grant.

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