Youth and Philanthropy Initiative

Thursday, January 16, 2020 - By: Miranda NP, Alex ‘23

Before the December break, we Grade 9s were presented with an opportunity to have a major impact on our community. The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) gives students a chance to win $5000 to donate to the local charity of their choice.

The YPI was created and is funded by The Toskan Casale Foundation. The program was created to connect students to their communities. As stated on their website “These students are challenging stigma, changing behaviours, and directing grants and critical public support for millions of people in need across the country.”

Diverse groups of four were made and charities from the Cowichan Valley were chosen. Groups focused on social issues like child abuse, children’s mental health, homelessness and drug addictions, among many others. Teams will have to build a 10-minute presentation explaining why their charity should win the money. However, only one team will be the recipient of the $5000 grant. “This is something we put a lot of effort into since it can impact so many people’s lives for the better,” said Laila R, Mackenzie ‘23. The students will battle to create the best presentation and come out on top for their local charity.
To learn the most about their charity, teams scheduled visits to the charity’s site. We travelled to Duncan and got to conduct interviews. The visits made plenty of us realize how hard life can be for people in our community. ”It is humbling to see how much privilege we have,” stated Will C, Rogers ‘23.

To pick the winning group, we will present in front of the class and the top four groups will be selected. Then, during prep on January 22nd, the four groups will present one last time in front of a panel of judges. The winners will win the $5000 cheque for their charity! Good luck to all groups: win or lose you are impacting the community in a positive way.

Miranda NP, Alex ‘23

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