Yoga by the Sea

Sunday, February 25, 2018 - By: Hala M, Hope ‘19

As second term is known as the coldest, wettest, and most stressful term, many students choose yoga as their sport to keep warm and de-stress. Our yoga instructor, Ms Nicola Cusi, owner of Kali Yoga, has two sessions every sports day for both seniors and juniors.

In the sessions, Ms Cusi guides the students through multiple activities and poses that strengthen flexibility and relieve tension while we learn many new poses and strategies. Yoga is not just about doing a few joint, muscle or stretching exercises every day, it is a combination of three things: different postures, breathing patterns and meditation. 

A few minutes of yoga during the day can relax both your body and your mind by releasing tension that accumulates in the muscles, and relaxing your overworked brain. This is very useful for all of our peers.

A big thank you to Ms Cusi, who always comes to yoga class full of enthusiasm, ready to teach all of the students her amazing techniques and strategies. 


Hala M, Hope ‘19

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