Yearning for Yoga

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - By: Grace L, Allard ‘19

Many people might be skeptical when it comes to viewing yoga as a sport, but at Brentwood it is proudly considered a sport that a lot of students spend their afternoons practising. In the quiet of the yoga classroom, we stretch, learn the limits of our flexibility, push (literally) ourselves beyond our limits, and take moments to meditate and slow down in the midst of our busy lives.

We start off every class by warming up: playing different games, with the most iconic one being “yoga wave”, where we sit in a circle, have one person do a yoga pose at a time and everyone else imitates the pose one after another creating a “wave”.

I am often amazed at how every yoga class is different than the last. Ms Cusi has immense knowledge within the field of yoga, and every class we face the challenge of learning yoga poses that we have never seen nor thought were doable before. If you think yoga class is an easy out for people who hate difficult sports, you would be surprised: we often have to spend a lot of time tackling a seemingly impossible pose, therefore frustration failures are inevitable. The beauty of these classes, though, is that I often catch myself realizing how flexible I have become, and how truly relaxed and vacant I can now allow my mind to be during a meditation session.

Most people’s favourite part of yoga class are the last 5 minutes when we practise meditation. Ms Cusi usually talks as we have our eyes closed, and guides us to our own mind palace where we can free ourselves of our stress from school and other everyday baggage. These five minutes are always the longest five minutes of my day, for I truly take my time to listen to my breathing and feel the life in every inch of my body. This brief meditation always clears my mind and marks the perfect end to my day. Brentwood yoga is a sport that I would recommend to anybody.

Grace L, Allard ‘19

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