Yearbookers Hard at Work On Our Time Capsule

Wednesday, January 25, 2023 - By: Dara M, Alexandra ‘25

What will we remember about high school in 10 years?

Off the top of our heads, probably not much. But we will always have the Yearbook that will never fail to hit us with a fresh wave of memories. Brentwood’s Yearbook team is hard at work to capture the 2022-2023 year in the 300 page book that is given to students in June. Published by Friesens in Altona, Manitoba, the yearbook is sustainable and uses vegetable-based inks. With all the events at Brentwood, Yearbookers are all over campus, clicking our cameras away. We aspire to locate all the blissful memories made throughout the year and tuck those recollections into a beautiful book.

The hard work that goes into these carefully detailed pages will not be forgotten by the dedicated students who made it - and those who receive it. Yearbook Co-Captain Abby D, Allard ‘23 expressed, “All the hard work is worth it in the end because we can walk away proudly, knowing that we made our very own time capsule.” Yearbook is an art that combines photography, design, and captioning to produce the final product that is presented to students at the end of their year.

Yearbook students (and teacher) also contribute most of the 455,581 photos on SmugMug, Brentwood’s electronic photo gallery. We cover events ranging from Thursday Assemblies to all levels of sport teams, arts, house events, academics, and social functions. Mr Ganley, the Yearbook teacher for over a decade, shared his thoughts, “The Yearbook class is full of industrious and mature students whose goal is to ensure their schoolmates end the year on an emotional high as they open their yearbook. I really enjoy working with them.”

If you look around at any event, you will always see a photographer snapping away. Yearbookers use the pictures from events to put together a beautifully designed layout. In addition, the ability to recognize students across all grades and houses contributes strongly to captioning pictures. Speaking of captions, Mr Ganley is always pumped to help Yearbookers come up with fun and creative lines, gifting us his love of puns and allusions.

Designing the yearbook requires a detailed and creative eye, and Ms Rusman, Brentwood’s graphic designer, is always there to lend hers: “Our yearbook is filled with thought and care. We consider different aspects of every student because everybody plays a part in the school and therefore everybody is represented.”

Nearing May, it is a race against time for the Yearbookers, running all over campus to find the final camera-shy students. Our goal is to include everybody, and by that, we mean everybody. By the time the Yearbook is in your hands in June, every student will be in a candid shot, and a mugshot, as well as house and group photos. Flipping through the pages to find you and your friends brings joy and laughter for us all. The lively activities at Brentwood will never be forgotten when we have our Yearbook team to preserve it for us.

Dara M, Alexandra ‘25

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