Yearbook 2018

Saturday, February 03, 2018 - By: Brayden G, Rogers ‘19; Photo by Ian McPherson

So far in Yearbook we have had a productive year, along with a few bumps. For example, we forgot to include the poor Grade 8s in the Term 1 slide show. The little guys were waiting patiently to finally get their spot in the limelight, those few slides that give them a major presence at the school. Unfortunately, it took Mr Ganley a few days too long to ask us how the Grade 8 slides were coming along. Aside from this small blip in our performance, Mr Ganley keeps a well oiled machine, oiled with greasy amounts of puns and wit. 

There is always something to be done, and we’re always doing it. If there are photos to be taken, our designated photographers of the day are on it; if there are pre-captions, captions, or full articles that need a few extra touches, our editors will pick up the slack. If we manage to achieve absolute perfection, it goes right through the editors to Mr Ganley and you get a swift pat on the back. 

News articles are our way of putting out the news to the Brentwood community: if you win a medal, made a awesome shot from half-court, or just do something that seemed cool and interesting, we will report it. If you fell on your face or put a shot in your own goal, we got that to; we don’t publish it, but we have it. You may not see us, but we are certainly there. Say “Hi” if you want. We don’t bite, well most of us don’t! 

In all honesty though, we work hard on the yearbook team; we have 280 days to complete a 300 page yearbook, making sure a copy for every single student is printed, making sure every single word is spelled correctly, every name is written how the student wants it to be, and releasing a news article daily. We are worked hard but we have fun doing it, and that's what makes it rewarding - the family aspect, and Mr Ganley’s uncontrollable tsunami of bad jokes. 

Brayden G, Rogers ‘19

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