Yankee Doodle Dinner

Saturday, March 11, 2017 - By: Glory C, Mackenzie ‘18; Photo by Vivian F, Hope '19

Although outnumbered by a multitude of Canadians, on Tuesday, March 7, Brentwood’s American students got together to help plan a mouth-watering Yankee doodle dinner. The meal included finger-lickin BBQ chicken wings, as well as burgers, waffle fries and, of course, apple crumble a la mode.

Although it wasn’t America’s independence day, Brentwood’s Americans had every right to celebrate their great nation by gracing Crooks Hall with their flavorful cuisine. The night was filled with seconds of chicken wings, red, white and blue, music from prominent American artists and, as always, laughter.

Once again, Brentwood successfully brought another culture right into the comforts of Crooks Hall, leaving all who had the opportunity to indulge in the tempting dishes very satisfied.

Glory C, Mackenzie ‘18

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