Writhing in Ecstasy In Writing 12

Friday, March 13, 2015 - By: Mr. Paul Collis, Head of English

After nearly two terms of writing blogs, short stories, sestinas, haikus, book reviews, critical essays, and music, the entire class of Writing 12 headed down to Victoria to visit the Regional Assembly of Text. There, each writer would experience what it was like to be a worker of prose back in the cretaceous period when typewriters were still around. Thinking only of the children's picture book Click Clack Moo as they worked, all three members of Writing 12 produced only cow themed material. 

Term three, the Cerebus of terms, is fast approaching and writers in this course will spend the final term on a single project. A master project. For example, Toby CH, Privett '15, will be creating and reviewing a comprehensive list of "The Top 15 Films Brentwood Has Never Seen." Chemistry can suck it: Writing 12 is where it's at.

Mr. Paul Collis, Head of English

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