Worshipping Woito

Tuesday, March 09, 2021 - By: Zosia S, Hope ‘21

She is the newest Hope House RFA. She is a math teacher. She is a hip hop icon. She is a friend. She is Ms Woito.

Ms Erin Woito grew up in Deep River, Ontario and attended Queen’s University in Kingston with a Biomath specialization. The concurrent education program provided both a Bachelor’s of Science and a Bachelor’s of Education in her undergraduate degree. After learning about Brentwood through a close friend who was doing an athletic therapy placement here, Ms Woito was inspired to apply for an RFA position. With teaching in mind, Ms Woito arrived at Brentwood in the fall of 2021.

Her love of the school extends beyond Brentwood's beautiful campus as Ms Woito comments on how amazing Brentwood's students truly are. If I were to project a biased interpretation of our little interview I would say that she loves Hope students most of all. Ms Woito describes Hope House as “kind and welcoming” as she felt that right away, “everyone just accepted me”. We are so fortunate to have her be a part of our family.

Our Hope family welcomed Ms Woito into our home back in September and immediately loved and appreciated her effervescent nature and contagious laugh. “She’s been the sunniest, brightest addition to our home” explained Adrienne R, Hope ‘21. From bringing us surprise sundaes, to hanging out with us even on her days off, she’s become a friend to all the girls. Maddy W, Hope ‘21 explains that “Talking to her feels like talking to a trusted friend” and most of the girls would agree.

Knowing that Ms Woito has had such a positive influence on me, I asked around the house to find out how she affects the lives of other Hopelings and I discovered so many little anecdotes. It is often the little things that people remember - pockets of sunshine that brighten their day. Lorelie B, Hope ‘23 spoke about the time the back of her earring got lost: “Ms Woito gave me a new one and helped me put it on” she explained. One of Ms Woito’s math students, Neve M, Hope ‘23, told me that “She always makes sure to put a plant on my desk in math class cause she knows that I like it.” I think that what stands out to all of us about Ms Woito, Baya I, Hope ‘23 articulates perfectly: “She’s actually interested in our lives and wants to know more.”

Having had the pleasure of getting to know Ms Woito in the house has absolutely brightened my final year at Brentwood. Knowing I have the support and encouragement of a fellow Hope friend and RFA has meant the world to me.

She is sunny. She is genuine. She is kind. She is fun. She is Ms Woito.

Zosia S, Hope ‘21

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