World Water & Youth Climate Strike Day!

Friday, March 22, 2019 - By: Areeb S, Rogers ‘20

As we solidly and comprehensively approach the end of our Brentwood school year, we encounter many themes that broaden our perspective towards the world and exponentially increase our participation in aspects of society such as global climate change. 

Brentwood encourages students to engage in activities by campaigning for positive change in the world. All teachers at Brentwood encourage the students’ knowledge of concepts outside of the classroom. Mrs. Lawrence invigorates students to apply the physics we learn in class towards real life problems such as the use of different energy sources such as nuclear energy. Mr. McCarthy exhorts AP Biology students to learn biology and apply it to the real world. 

A couple of weeks ago, before Spring Break, Mr. McCarthy discussed Youth Climate Strike Day and how it would revolutionize the concept of change for the reduction of global warming. I decided to join a couple of friends in Vancouver to take action against climate change. To my surprise I found an unprecedented number of youth from different ages standing up to global warming and the impact of greenhouse gasses on the climate of our planet, Earth. Anthony B, Rogers ‘21 exclaimed, “This is a great opportunity to voice our opinions”.

Today is World Water Day, and as we approach it, I am grateful for the access that we have to clean water at Brentwood and in our lives. There are small facets like water usage or energy consumption that we take for granted today; however, looking 30 years into the future, we must be able to conserve water and energy, because these sustain life on Earth. You can do simple tasks like downloading the Sustainable Development Goals app, using limited amount of water, protesting, eating lower carbon footprint foods, or joining BEAT at our school. 

We go to school to develop skills and gain knowledge on subjects in order to contribute to the world. As Dr. Octavius in the spiderverse once said “Knowledge is a gift, not a privilege, it can only be used towards the benefit of mankind.” Likewise, we must use our knowledge to help humankind and preserve our beautiful planet. 

Earth is a complex and beautiful ecosystem that has been gifted to us. It is our decisions that dictate the future condition of Earth. Our present world not only has environmental maladies, but manifests ethical and inhumane problems. There are many opportunities to sustain Planet Earth; it is our choice to hone these options and save our beautiful planet and take the next leap into a future with technological advancements, biodiversity, justice and equality.

Areeb S, Rogers ‘20

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