Work Hard, Play Hard

Tuesday, November 05, 2019 - By: Janessa P, Mackenzie ‘20

This year’s Senior A Girls Volleyball team has been working hard in the hopes of snatching one of three berths to Provincials from the Island. With this goal in mind, the development is not only exponentially occurring on the court, but it is complementary to the work we’ve been doing in the gym.

We’ve been taking full advantage of the outstanding facilities in the Foote Centre every Tuesday and Thursday after practice to excel in areas where other teams simply cannot. Coach Manton designs a different circuit workout for each month, specifically tailored to the needs of volleyball players. We’ve seen exercises working all parts of the body, including goblet squats, bench presses, airdyne biking, wall ball tosses, planks, and many others.

We’ve now moved on to the second unique circuit. I’m excited to see the girls become stronger on and off the court, and to manifest a team culture where we push each other to the limit during weight training. I see an attitude of constant self improvement developing - and see the dumbbells getting bigger for me and my teammates.

Janessa P, Mackenzie ‘20

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