Women’s Weight Training

Monday, March 22, 2021 - By: Esther S, Alex ‘22

Term three sports just had their kickoff. While some students decided to continue with their term two sport, many students chose to try new athletic options to discover even more hidden talents.

Brentwood has countless athletic options that we can choose from, and each program is well organized and unique. One of these programs is Women’s Weight Training. I have been doing Women’s Weight Training since the beginning of term two and decided to carry on with it in term three since I enjoy it so much.

Ms Scheck and Ms Ramsay, the coaches, will build a workout plan at the beginning of the term that works just for you and meets all your needs, standards and wishes. They give you a chart, which holds all your information regarding the amount of weight you should lift, and how to work yourself up.

My friends and I love weight training so much because we can build our workout routines ourselves and be flexible with what we do in the gym each time we come in. If one day our motivation is not as high, we can, for example, only do cardio.

Additionally, weight training is very individualized, which is enjoyable since you work for yourself to improve your strength. On the other hand, you also have your workout buddies who support and do challenging exercises with you. “Weight training is perfect for me because I can do it individually or with my friends.” Lily H said. At the end of each session. Ms Scheck does a core exercise with the whole group, and we all come together.

Weight training is the perfect balance for the busy Brentwood life. We get to focus on being our best selves while strengthening every part of us. “I enjoy weight training because I can meet all my needs and be flexible” Nina B said.

Esther S, Alex ‘22

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