Women Coaching Women

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - By: Zosia S, Hope ‘21

As the fall term sports kick off, we are fortunate to welcome a new Girls’ Rugby coach along with it. The girls are thrilled to have Ms Marchuck join the Brentwood community as they learn from her experience and skills. As a player on Team Canada, Ms Marchuk has participated in six World Cups in three codes. Her remarkable experience is an inspiration to all young female rugby players at Brentwood making Ms Marchuk not only a coach, but a role model too.

In an age when there is still prejudice surrounding women’s sports, having women coaching women is pivotal. When I spoke to Ms Marchuk after Saturday’s practice, she explained that it is important for girls to “gain a similar perspective and respect for things we have dealt with. By having a strong understanding of the “challenges that women have had to overcome… we can break barriers.”

The longtime and beloved Girls Rugby coach Mr Steve Cowie, strongly agrees with the benefits of a female coach as he observes the differences between boys and girls and the need for equal encouragement and opportunity. It’s motivating to the Girls Rugby players to “get an idea that other women can play a sport like Mandy”. Mr Cowie adds that girls often need that “self esteem boost” in order to perform at their best. By having a same-sex role model, self-perceptions can be inhanced.

The players are already responding positively and enthusiastically to Marchuk’s coaching style; new warm-ups and drills are creating individual constructive challenges for players of all levels giving everyone something to strive for. Girls are already noticing that “Ms Marchuk clearly understands the dynamics of a women’s team and coaches accordingly” observed veteran Maddy W, Hope ‘21. The energy on the pitch reflects the girls’ excitement creating a hopeful start to the upcoming season.

Ms Marchuk is looking forward to getting involved in our program while learning and growing as a coach. The girls are ready to work hard, play hard and above all, tackle the prejudice (pun intended).

Zosia S, Hope ‘21

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