Winter Sports Awards

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - By: Mr. Blake Gage; Photo by Mr. Bud Patel

Each year the Lister Trophy in basketball goes to a Junior Girl who is an outstanding leader - not necessarily in a vocal manner - but through her actions on and off the court every day. Her preparation, dedication and determination to improve both her own skill set and the performance of the team throughout the season has been exemplary. She is a terrific role model for others and a valuable contributor when the game is on the line. This year’s winner is Grace P, Grade 8.

Those of you who watched our Junior Girls this year would have seen massive improvement from the team. The girls worked extraordinarily hard and obviously Grace, despite her youth, helped set the tone in this regard.

In Senior Girls Basketball we have the Coach’s Award which recognizes outstanding performance throughout the season.  This year’s winner is no surprise, Chidinma A, Alex ‘17. Chidinma was a driving force behind this year’s senior team. She battled every night and led the team in scoring and rebounding, and, I am guessing, in fouls too. She always gave everything she had on the court and as you saw from her MVP Award at the Island All-Star game, she can play with the best of the best on Vancouver Island.

We have two awards to give out in Senior Boys Basketball. The first is the Hoshi Trophy which is presented to our Defensive Player of the Year. This year’s winner is Bruno C, Whittall ‘18. Each and every night Bruno would guard the opposing team’s best player and do an outstanding job. On a team that prided itself on its defense and with so many strong defensive players, winning this award is a testament to Bruno’s game-in-and-game-out commitment to shutting down opposing teams.

The second award presented for Senior Boys is the Players’ Award: this award was donated by former Brentwood great Ben Felix and is presented for outstanding commitment to the program, teammates and the love of the game. This year’s winner is Aaron S, Rogers ‘17.

Aaron has certainly come a long way since Grade 10. He has always had an outstanding work ethic and clearly loves the game of basketball. He was also a fantastic Captain for this year’s Provincial Championship team and his positive attitude and care for his teammates set the tone for what would be a season to remember. We are extremely proud of this young man and grateful for all he has done for the basketball program.

Our last three Awards are for our Hockey Program. The first of these is the Offensive Player of the Year.

Goals and a love of attack are essential for any team to be successful. A four-year veteran of the Brentwood hockey program, this individual has become a leader on the ice and especially on the attack. His sense of the net and when to shoot is an ability not often seen at Brentwood. A key player on the power play, in crucial face off situations, and the possessor of an unforgiving backhand, the winner of this year’s Offensive Player of the Year is Assistant Captain Xander A, Whittall ‘17.

Defense in hockey, like most team sports, is truly a team effort but each year one or two individuals become the cornerstone of any team’s success. This year’s winner is a two-year veteran of the Brentwood Hockey program. His play at crucial times, in many games this year, allowed the team to emerge with a winning record. Quiet, focussed play, and lightning reflexes are the trademarks of this individual. The Defensive Player of the year is goaltender Reid G, Privett ‘17.

The coaches award goes to an individual in the Brentwood Hockey program who is, above all else, a leader. He leads by example on the ice, in the dressing room, on the bus, the ferry, and, most importantly, around the school. He must also love to be on the ice in any and all situations. At practice, or in front of the fans at Showcase, he pushed himself to the limit of his ability and fitness. This year’s winner did all of this and more. A defensive power, a skilled scorer, and quarterback of our powerplay, this year’s winner of the Coaches Award is team Captain Mason S, Privett ‘18.

Mr. Blake Gage, Director of Athletics

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