Winter Never Slows ODP

Thursday, March 05, 2015 - By: Mr. Dan Norman

As the winter term ends, ODP continues to take full advantage of the incredibly dry, warm weather that nature has sent our way this year. Students have completed hikes on Mt. Finlayson, Mt. Tzouhalem, Oliphant Lake, Maple Mountain, the Trans-Canada Trail and most recently on the Cowichan River trail.

On this last hike, our students who completed wilderness first aid courses practiced their skills by constructing two improvised stretchers. The whole class then carried two injured students (mock injuries created by a mock sprained ankle coinciding with a mock half-hearted bear attack and morphing into a mock attack with a walking stick) over 500 meters on meandering trail. 

Students in the winter term also visited the indoor climbing gym on four separate occasions, twice with transport by bicycle. They were all certified as belayers and worked on developing their climbing skills and fitness. For many students, this has been the beginning of a love affair with rock climbing, and they are planning to use the spring term to extend their skills and get outside on real rock. 

ODP would not be complete without taking full advantage of our amazing waterfront, and students who learned basic safety in the pool in November were paddling up and down the Mill Bay shoreline on many afternoons this winter. The skill development of these kayak students is quite extensive, and many of them are eager to try their new skills on the river in the spring term. 

The winter term concludes with one final bike ride and then students are off on spring break to find their own outdoor adventures.

Mr. Dan Norman

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