Winning in Spirit

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 - By: Emily N, Allard ‘22; Photo by Zoya M, Allard '21

To some people, interhouse is very lighthearted, but many others see it as very fast-paced and competitive. The brother-sister house pairing of Rogers and Allard hasn’t placed well in the annual interhouse competition for a long time. Is that about to change?

If you think about losing a competition, whether it’s a hockey game or a debate, some see it as discouraging and not fun. But, despite not faring well in recent competitions, the Rogers/Allard team spirit has yet to fade. Both houses show up covered in orange and teal ready to employ their voices screaming in support and excitement.

Rogers/Allard arrives with just as much excitement as every other house, but so far, the team has finished 4th in the Eco-Challenge, Cross Country, and Airband - we are waiting on the results of Interhouse Photography with crossed fingers. You might be thinking wow, that sucks! While Rogers/Allard would love to come out on top, we are far from being sore-losers.

The enjoyment of interhouse isn’t diminished by a loss. Looking around at the past three events, you see a smile on everyone’s face. In the Eco-Challenge we were still cheering just as loudly and with just as much elation as we would have if we had finished on top. At the end of the day, Reese V, Allard ‘22, explains how “Interhouse isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about working together as a house,” and that is something that Rogers/Allard has never failed to do.

During Cross Country, each runner was giving it their all on the course, and that was all that mattered. The Rogers/Allard crowd rolled up with high spirits and left with that same energy. All four houses have displayed true sportsmanship through interhouse. There is no resentment towards the houses who finish above, and the winning houses have stayed to cheer on others while they work to finish their last tasks such as boiling water over a fire during the Eco-Challenge. Ankit B, Privett ‘21, looks at his opponents and finds it “inspiring to see how consistent the Rogers/Allard house spirit is. It really shows that their high morale is because of the people and not their results.”

It is no secret that interhouse has built a strong community within the Brentwood gates. All the houseparents and RFAs come to support the kids in their house, and get just as caught up in the thrill of cheering their house on as the students do. Allard Houseparent, Mrs Amiel, has supported her “Rogers/Allard pirates and mermaids as we’ve laughed and lip-synced together” and is “so proud” to be a part of Rogers/Allard because she has seen everyone find joy, which is “what interhouse competitions are really about, spending time together.” She wishes she could compete too!

Rogers/Allard may be at the bottom in terms of points, but in terms of a united brother/sister house and team spirit, many would say that Rogers/Allard is doing just as well, if not better, than any of the other houses. “Even though this year hasn’t started the way we hoped for, our spirits have not left us, making Rogers/Allard more eager to strive for the upcoming events” announced Interhouse Co-Captain, Nick P, Rogers ‘21, as he looks back at the first three competitions of the year with pride.

Rogers/Allard will continue to set the bar high for interhouse team spirit and, who knows, maybe a win is on its way!

Emily N, Allard ‘22

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