Who Needs a Mid-term Break?

Wednesday, November 07, 2018 - By: Jim Ganley; Photo by Brent Lee

For most Brentwood students and faculty, that is a rhetorical question. After 10 weeks of school, of course we need a mid-term break. Don’t dare get between me and my afternoon nap/Netflix account/bus to the airport/mainland!

For several groups of Brentonians, however, mid-term was about staying together, having fun and pursuing excellence.

Mr Rodrigues & Ms Coull squeezed two provinces, 24 students and 12 university visits into a six day trip in pursuit of insights into post-secondary options.

Mr Lee, Ms Tarrant and an amazing crew of 12 international students stayed in Victoria where they enjoyed the pleasures of city life and some whale watching. 

Mr Barrett & Mr Mallete devoted Friday to the Senior Boys Soccer team which earned a Bronze medal, and an Islands berth at the North Islands. 

After just 48 hours off, the above coaches then led the Junior Boys Soccer team into the Island Championships in Victoria where they went 2-1-1.

Ms Fougner and Ms Hall flew to sunny southern California with 14 Varsity Volleyball players where they trained, played, and visited Disneyland in preparation for their Islands finals.

Ms Biesenthal, Mr Carr & Mr Braithwaite headed down Interstate 5 with 20 rowers to compete at the Frostbite and Head of the Lake Regattas in Seattle. Some of our rowers won their first ever races in the Evergreen State.

Mrs Martin, Ms Doman and the First 11 Field Hockey team returned two days early to compete in the AA Sr Girls Provincial Field Hockey Championships in Vancouver.

Jim Ganley

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