Whittall Open House

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - By: Megan M, Mackenzie ‘19

The greatest way to start off Halloween is, of course, with an Open House. Before the midterm, Whittall House was open to monsters or cute creatures of all ages. A Whittall House tradition is the theme of Halloween, and SAC helps set up a few days before. Students dressed up in their favourite Halloween costumes, and came with groups of friends. The Whittall boys set up a spine-chilling haunted house where students were scared by ghosts in the bathroom, surgeons cut into little boys, and 11th graders wore masks scaring all. 

DJ’s Nick M, Privett ‘18 & John E, Rogers ‘18, raised the roof with some great hits and remixes, which also included some Halloween songs. The bottom floor common room in Whittall was filled with students dancing and having a enjoyable time, filling their Saturday night. All of the boys’ dorms were open for the student body to enter and hang out in. Some even had the time to decorate the room with a Halloween theme. The night was filled with unexpected scares, laughter, entertainment and most importantly, a monstrous looking student body. 

Megan M, Mackenzie ‘19

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