Whittall Made It!

Wednesday, September 08, 2021 - By: Jahmaal Kennedy, Whittall ‘21

Well, boys, we’ve made it.

When I wrote this speech I imagined speaking in front of all the Whittall Grade 12s, then I remembered there are only eight of us who are Lifers. That’s pretty good given that there were nine to start.

Honestly, I don’t know how we survived Grade 9. There were 22 grade 12s - the odds were not in our favour. I think we survived because Will Hardy was our House Captain and he was one of the nicest people in the house. When I think of Grade 9, I think of Regatta weekend, the day-long sessions of Fortnight where there would never be fewer than five people in the downstairs common room playing. Then the whole house ran outside half naked because of a fire drill and the look on Mr Felix’s face. Grade Nine was weird - but in a good way.

Grade 10 brought the wonderful Ms Pettit and her family to Brentwood, replacing Mr Lee on Monday duty. He, I’m pretty sure, could figure out what we were looking at on our computers without leaving the common room. This was our second year in the house and the traditions of Whittall were starting to settle. Big Bros with its impossible situps and random wrestling all seemed to become just another thing we did in the house. When I think of Grade 10 I think of Mr Amiel who one day made every person who failed shine all the shoes in the house, or one Sunday night when we all got the email that there would be a snow day and the whole house erupted at the same time. But like all things, it came to an end and that was it for being a Junior in the house.

In Grade 11 Whitall House was under new management. Mr Amiel and his family moved to Allard and Ms Pettit and her fair share of house meetings moved in. We were all downstairs bugging Mr Venema about whatever and overall causing havoc.

Although I stand here to represent Whittall, I cannot tell every great thing that has happened in this house. Whittall is a very special place and to experience all the memories you just had to be there.

Being at Brentwood for the past five years has been amazing and a large part is because of the house staff. So thank you to Mr Carr, Mr Bryant, Mr Collis Handford, Mr Langer. Mr Miller, Ms Pettit, and Mr Gage. Thank you for all the time you have invested into us and everyone else in the house. You guys are amazing.

Fellow Whittall Lifers - boys, we have been together four years. We’ve grown together, we’ve fought with one another and we have formed a bond as strong as blood. I know that I speak for all of us when we say we are going to miss Whittall and all the extraordinary people who come with.

Jahmaal Kennedy, Whittall ‘21


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