Whittall House

Monday, August 07, 2017 - By: Andrew Will, Head of House, Whittall ‘17; Photo by Seo Young Ra, Alex '17

Although a deceivingly short time has passed, this year’s group of Whittall boys have transformed from a collection of friends and strangers to a brotherhood bolstered by Whittall’s foundational values of Honour, Integrity, Perseverance, and Trust. 

The boys battled ferociously for the Interhouse title alongside the Alex girls, but also spent quality time with their partners in battle, be it at the bumpin’ bowling lanes in Duncan, or in the glowing amber of the firelight in the newly renovated Whittall common room. 

The passing school year has left many of these young men taller, stronger, with a very slightly diminished chance of winning a Darwin award, but most importantly, it created and fortified a brotherhood. In the time since September (stolen away from us with thief-like dexterity) I have treasured all of the time I had the pleasure of spending with the boys. I write with confidence that if any Whittall boy needed help in a back alley, a bad date, or with scrubbing the space between their shoulder blades, anyone in the house would always have their back.  

Along with a fantastically stacked roster of athletes (Xander), mathletes (Kavi), and everything in between (Derek), the lineup of House staff has no lack of superstars. Providing additional leadership during prep this year, Mr Miller, Mrs Thomas-Brown, Mr Lee, Mr Bryant, Mr Clausen, and Mrs Whitney all worked diligently to corral and give help to students during prep, an often trying task for both parties. 

Perhaps some of the most influential characters for Whittall boys at Brentwood, Mr Barrett, Mr Amiel, Mr Gage, and their families blessed Whittall with their presence this year living under the same roof as sixty teenage boys. I write confidently when I say that if we accomplished something here, be it over the last week, or over the last four years, we could not have done it without them.

Andrew Will, Head of House, Whittall ‘17

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