Whittall House

Wednesday, August 03, 2022 - By: Cameron McNeill, Whittall House Captain ‘22

Whittall House is home to gym heads, masterchefs, ladies men (obviously), Drake fans, FIFA fanatics, germaphobes, doorknob thieves, and calligraphy artists, all of whom, however strangely, manage to make Whittall a great place to live. The boys of Whittall have had a strong year, taking on school work tenaciously (which is to be expected given our live-in Academic Prefect, Will Pirie) and have pursued athletic challenges with true grit. Of course it would not be Whittall House without some minor misconduct, and although we spent one day without door knobs and a morning without shoes, our energy was generally channeled in a purposeful and legal direction.

Interhouse events have given the Whittall boys an opportunity to demonstrate their Whittall Pride, and the house did so with equal parts volume and body paint. There was always an opportunity to celebrate successes and mourn losses with our Saturday night barbeque, which is both a weekend staple and a source of jealousy among other houses. We owe thanks to the Grade 9s, 10s, and 11s who, despite complaints, never failed to participate in the creation and cleanup of these delectable meals. Although the boys of Whittall are competent on the barbeque, we enjoyed more fire alarms than we would have liked as a result of irresponsible stovetop cooking - among other things. Incidents aside, the kitchen was well used. Indomie, steak, and rice were all favorite cooking items, and they did their job of fueling workouts, all-nighters, and Super Bowl grievances.

Although Whittall wishes otherwise, a year this good is bound to come with some losses. This year will mark the end of Ms Roger’s reign as a Whittall Assistant Houseparent, and, on a related note, likely the last year we will have five house meetings in the span of one week. Ms Rogers has been an integral part of the house, and, frequent meetings aside, the guidance, energy, and insight she brought to Whittall will be missed: our family will not be the same without her. Despite this, the boys are optimistic for next year: the 11s will have their turn to leave their stamp on the house and with the leadership of Ms Ramsay & Mr Gage, I am sure they will.

Cameron McNeill, Whittall House Captain ‘22

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