Whittall House

Tuesday, July 20, 2021 - By: Tareq Alanari, Whittall House Captain ‘21

Whittall House – the best house at Brentwood – has had a colourful history. The only house to be burned down twice, as well as being infamous for having both a rat and a Grade 8 infestation. But all in all Whittall House of 2020/2021 will be one for the books for sure, as we gritted our way through these challenging times.

Without further ado, let’s start it off with the Grade 8s, also known as the Fabulous Five. Despite being the youngest and smallest in the house, they prove the saying “small dogs bark the loudest”. Although these little critters run rampant throughout the house; when it comes to showtime, these little lads fully embody the Whittall House energy. It’s crazy to see how these 12-13 year olds living away from their parents have shown such commitment to the house - to the Whittall family.

Next up are the 9s. Similar to the 8’s in size and coming fresh off the boat to the Brentwood campus, these lads learned the ropes pretty quickly, and within the first week, knew the MT like the back of their hands.

Now to the 10s, who, I’m sure, are excited to be promoted to senior status. These boys are a little easier to handle mentally, but not so much physically; these upcoming units pump iron or work rigorously on their sports. I’m sure next year will be a great competitive season.

The Grade 11s are… interesting. I love my 11s. Dealing with 11s was like riding a bike, except the bike was on fire, and everything was on fire because they’re absolute menaces to society. Quite frankly, even after all the threats and warnings they still don’t understand the meaning of a 10:15 bed time. It frightens me to my core when I think that they’ll be taking control of the house next year. However luckily they will have two more months of training than us, the current grade 12s; so if the house burns down again, blame them.

Last but not least, to my fellow grade 12’s. Although we didn’t win interhouse this year – cough, cough, rigged – I think we won something way more special. Unfortunately, Covid wasn’t kind - we rarely got to see our friends in other houses. But looking back at that though, it was actually a blessing in disguise as it strengthened our bond, as leaders, friends, and family. This family was special, from late nights with Ms Pettit to Advisors with the Mr Langer and Mr Gage, this family of 12s have had great laughs and memories that will last a lifetime. To think that we will have to ultimately say goodbye brings bittersweet tears to my eyes. Sadly we all must move on and I wish all my fellow boys an exceptional time at university.

Whittall - the best house - ultimately symbolizes us as a family. From the very first day of Orientation the Whittall boys have stepped up to every challenge, and have ridden every wave with joy and laughter. This is what made it special, a family that lived and laughed together. Whittall has become our home.

Tareq Alanari, Whittall House Captain ‘21

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