Where the World Comes to School

Tuesday, February 08, 2011 -

When brainstorming appropriate tag-lines for our website a couple of years ago, it suddenly dawned on me that in a world where so many students reluctantly drag themselves out of bed and force themselves to attend their local school, Brentwood students often fly from half-way around the world to be here.  ‘Where the World Comes to School’ seemed a fitting statement about Brentwood.  The desire to attend Brentwood, and the effort it takes for many of our students to journey to our campus, never ceases to amaze me.  While 80% of our school consists of North American students, 20% comes from over 30 other countries.  Whether or not our students are from Toronto or Tanzania, Calgary or Almaty, they are determined to be at our school.

Many of our students hail from Africa, Asia, Europe, the USA, Central and South America.  They have made their way to our beautiful campus on these tranquil shores of the Pacific Ocean because they are seeking a world class education in a peaceful, beautiful setting.  They are looking for the kind of well-rounded education that is not found in many boarding schools.  They are likeminded in settling on a school that offers them the breadth of education for which they long.  The world comes to our school because we are unique in so many ways.

The Brentwood difference is found not only in our location by the ocean and our modern approach to boarding, but also in the diversity (and access to this diversity) of our programmes within our extensive Tripartite Programme.  We are proud of our uniqueness.  Because of what makes us different, young people worldwide understand it is worth the effort to be ‘Where the world comes to school’.  To them, it makes all the difference in the world.

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