Where Ideas Come to Life

Monday, February 20, 2017 - By: Sydney C, Alex ‘18; Photos by Brent Lee

Where Ideas Come to Life

This year Brentwood has created a new room in the Centre for Humanities and the Arts known as the Makerspace. It was brought to Brentwood in order to meet the strategic objectives of the academic plan and has brought experiential learning to Brentwood becoming, in Mr Lee’s words, “Brentwood’s garage”. 

Everything and anything that one could possibly think of can be brought to life through this room. Students have been coming to the Makerspace at all points during the day, including Thursday nights at prep and with their classes for project. Thomas B, Ellis ‘18 shared “I went twice to the makerspace to work on a socials project and it was great. The equipment was very useful for my project.” 

Instead of students spending their spare time watching Netflix, they can come to the Makerspace and create planes, boats and so much more. The Makerspace has become a great way for students to let out their creative juices and we look forward to seeing more creations come our way from this studio. Thanks to Mr. Lee, the makerspace is a fantastic addition to Brentwood’s facilities.

Sydney C, Alex ‘18

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