Tuesday, October 11, 2016 - By: Derek A, Whittall '17 & Chelsea A, Hope ‘17; Photo by Jim Ganley

In early September, Mr, Ganley’s English 12 students enjoyed reflecting on the Rio Olympics and the power of the WhatItTakes ads by Sport Chex. Below are the works of two young Brentonians writing in this form:





What will you do when your mind swirls like a tempest,

When blood and sweat knock at your door?

How will you stand when your legs beg you to fall?

Where will you be, when you doubt where you’re from?

What will you say, when they ask who you’ve become?

I will tame the crazed beast that stands as my mind,

And welcome with joy, the pain to follow.

Steadfast against the torment I will stand an anchor,

Compelling all to remember our roots,

Because when asked the rewards of our labour, we are the fruits.

Derek A, Whittall '17


For Y-O-U.


Tell me,

What moments have you allowed define you?

What memory shines in the gallery of minds of all who oppose you?

Have they been reminded that fear is a four letter word that spells Y-O-U?

Because where others fight fear,

You fly with it.

You internalise rain

Sweet beautiful rain

That gifts essence to your sunshine.

Each ray like each teardrop

Promised, sacrificed and savoured.

And yet, some will spit out the vegan taste,

The earth herself will beseech you to give up

And you will.

In every heart beat, and every step and every pirouette.

For you and stress have been a slave to this tango for too long

Your very breath has become a lifeline that clutches wildly at the next one

Greatness has become the distant cousin you don’t remember meeting

Failure the girl you once called friend

And end the twin sister of begin.

Chelsea A, Hope ‘17


To see the original ad, click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUI1FtxeldU .

At 39 seconds you can see Olympic Bronze medallist and Brentwood RFA Ms. Kelly Russell scoring a try in Women’s 7s action.

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