What To Expect Upon Arrival at Brentwood

Sunday, September 05, 2021 - By: Owen S, Whittall ‘22

If you are a student new to Brentwood, upon arrival at the school gates on Tuesday you will feel an overwhelming sense of excitement and confusion as you are greeted by students and faculty from all around the world with all different types of backgrounds. You will be given tons of information - of which you will initially understand very little - and you will hear many names being called out - and you will initially remember even fewer of these.

Nonetheless, after you settle into your room and meet your roommate - and housemates - and you will forget all about the anxiety upon arrival and you will be excited to continue your journey at Brentwood.

When I first arrived on campus last year I knew nobody and aside from my mom having previously attended the school and telling me about the “new, impressive athletic facility” I was almost completely in the dark when it came to what to expect. However, as time quickly passed, I soon realized that I was making connections with people whom I will never forget - and that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Brentwood offers countless opportunities to make connections whether it’s in the house, classroom, on the field, in the water, in the studio, or on stage.

Ultimately, your arrival at Brentwood will be filled with different emotions, both good and bad, but you will soon learn to appreciate what this beautiful school has to offer.

See you on campus on Tuesday!
Owen S, Whittall ‘22

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