West Coast Choirs

Tuesday, May 01, 2018 - By: Lorenza UN, Hope ‘20

After preparing for months and months, the Brentwood College School Vocal Ensemble was happy to host the second annual West Coast Choirs Concert and Festival. Choirs from all throughout the south of Vancouver Island like Shawnigan Lake School and Ballenas Secondary traveled to our campus to perform. Singers varied from 5th graders to 12th graders, all giving excellent performances with the opportunity to have a workshop by a qualified adjudicator after their performance. 

The workshop offered the groups an opportunity to work with a talented individual as well as to grow as a group. Our Vocal Ensemble was awarded the Silver Plus qualification. The group performed “Down to the River to Pray”, “Quiet Sea” and “The Old Mill”. 

The day did not end after the festival performances; at night the concert began, lending our Killy Theatre to voices from all ranges and ages. Expert choirs like Vox Humana Chamber Choir and the South Island Choirs had a mix of more mature voices that took the audience’s breath away. Newer choirs like Acafellas were equally as talented and filled the space up with their energy.

The Brentwood Vocal Ensemble is very grateful to have Mr Tristan Clausen and Mr Phil Newns as co-conductors and mentors. Using this day of hard work as a learning experience, our Vocal Ensemble is now preparing for the Kiwanis International Music Festival this Thursday in Langley, BC. 

Lorenza UN, Hope ‘21

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