We’re Back On the Ice!

Tuesday, November 08, 2022 - By: Taiyo T, Whittall ‘23

As the cold weather approaches campus, some students are dying to get on the mountain to ski and snowboard. Others struggle to avoid the bugs circulating around the community, and for many, I can sense the anticipation to be back in a hot, sunny climate. For me and my fellow teammates in the hockey program, however, the cold means “Game time!” says Ned B, Privett ‘23.

There are many exciting updates from our term 1 Brentwood Hockey team. First, thanks to our dedicated coaches, Mr Shadlock, Mr Robinson, Coach Spottsy and Coach Dennis, the team has been registered with BC Hockey, which allows us to compete against other club teams on the Island that we’ve never played before. On the evening of October 29, 2022, we played a Cowichan Valley U18 recreational team for our first game of the 22-23 season. We ended with an exciting 2-1 victory, which marks the start of a great season.

I would like to give a shoutout to our two goal scorers, Quinn B, Ellis ‘24 with our very first goal of the season, and Matson W, Privett ‘25, with a snipe for the win! Another shoutout goes to our talented tendy, Quentin E, Whittall ‘24, with an outstanding performance in the net.

For the Grade 12s leading the team, this will be the final year of Brentwood Hockey. For me, having joined in Grade 9, I could say that this is a special program that creates connections that are everlasting. I truly love my teammates, in this amazing sport, whom I have shared smiles and tears with, and I am looking forward to my final season with the team.

Taiyo T, Whittall ‘23

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