“We’ll be able to do a pretty good job, I think” The New Rogers House: A Force to be Reckoned With, or too big to handle?

Sunday, September 20, 2015 - By: Charlie “Chaz” C, Rogers ‘16; Photo b Brynn Alexander

It has been known for some time that the five year relationship between Rogers House and Hope House would come to an all-too-inevitable end. While the former members of Hope House are working their hardest to manage their own challenges running their new house on the south edge of campus, the newly appointed Prefects of Rogers House may be facing expectations of its own class.

One of the obvious advantages of a house growing to nearly double its former size resides in the Inter-House competitions. Hezekiah O, the current House Captain, expressed confidence in the new situation: “Despite the huge changes, we’re doing quite well,” he asserted. “We could definitely pull our own weight during Interhouse.” At full capacity, the house may now have the opportunity to make its presence known at the Interhouse events.

Many students traveled halfway around the world to become members of the newly renovated Rogers. Chinese national Michael L, one of eight Grade Nine boarding students, professed a great degree of enthusiasm regarding the changes, describing them as a “really nice accomplishment” with a “really nice future,” adding that “the Rogers prefects obviously know what they’re doing.” His roommate was unavailable for comment, but his day student, Matt MP, appeared to be equally fervent: “At first it was kind of hard to get introduced to a society where people know each other, but the orientation assistants did really well as a whole. They worked together.” 

Unfortunately, not all of those interviewed were quite as optimistic. One such person expressed concern with the sheer size of the house and how it has been affecting his daily routine. The newly enrolled grade ten student, who preferred to remain anonymous, described himself as being “really tired, all the time. I need sleep,” he said after what must have been quite a busy first two weeks. The subject declined to take part in any further discussion.

Nevertheless, a vast majority of the new Rogers students felt quite the opposite. “I think transitioning into a new house, this is pretty chill,” stated Griffin K, a recently admitted Grade 10. The mixed feelings about the manageability of the situation could perhaps best be described by Shoe Collection Prefect Joseph F. “I think we’ve been doing a pretty good job, but it is insanely busy at all times” the one-year veteran of the house stated. When questioned about his confidence in the ability of the other prefects to continue to maintain order for the remainder of the year, Joseph demonstrated a sound level of confidence in the group’s ability to do “a pretty good job.” As for the new students and their own ability to handle the responsibilities of an expanded house, Hezekiah expressed satisfaction. “When it comes to house jobs, everyone gets right at it,” the House Captain proclaimed.

The transition from being the second smallest house to the second largest male boarding house is a formidable challenge. Only time will tell the fate of the 62 members in the context of Interhouse, but Joseph believes he can tell the fate of the house as a whole. Though he is well aware of the challenges he and his team of veteran prefects face, he has no doubts about their ability to tackle them. “We’re gonna get into a rhythm, and we’re gonna stick with it until the end.”

-Chaz, Rogers ‘16

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