Welcome to Canada

Saturday, January 21, 2017 - By: Photo and Article by Seo Young R, Alex ‘17

Back in November, our 12AP Human Geography class, thanks to Ms. Murtland, had an opportunity to talk to a number of immigrants about their recent and diverse journeys to Canada. Split into three groups, we rotated through the tables to hear their personal narratives. 

Syria, Turkey and the Philippines were some of the countries these immigrants had emigrated from. One of them recently migrated from Syria with his family after hundreds of people, including children, were threatened, tortured, or killed in their home city which had became a battlefield. They have been able to immigrate to Canada with the help of their sponsor.

Our class was shocked to hear how many of the immigrants had trouble with their job credentials. Most spoke only limited English upon their arrival in Canada and attaining their credentials independently was nearly impossible. Although getting these papers in place is an ongoing challenge, they all had something in common - they love living in Canada.

Seo Young R, Alex ‘17

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