Welcome to Canada - مرحبا بكم في كندا

Friday, December 16, 2016 - By: Jim Ganley

In recent weeks, several Arabic-speaking Brentwood students have travelled to Kelsey Secondary School to meet and socialize with some Syrian immigrants who are adapting to the language and culture of their new country.

Arabic speaking Brentonians Balqees J, Allard ‘16, Lulu J, Allard ‘18, Aiysha M, Hope ‘17, Hala M, Hope ‘18 & Hadi N, Ellis ‘18, coordinated by Nurse Jasmin & Ms Hedquist, will continue to make regular visits to help these new Canadians with this important transition. 

“It was a fun challenge given that though we were all speaking Arabic, understanding the dialects, from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon & Libya, made for interesting conversation. I’m looking forward to our next visit!” reflected Balqees.

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