Welcome Back!

Sunday, September 10, 2017 - By: Mide O, Privett '18, Photo by Bud Patel

Welcome back Brentonians! Following a restful and enjoyable summer, the first week of the 2017/2018 school year has been extremely busy. With a flood of new students pouring through the front gates on Tuesday, it took a massive effort by the SEC, Orientation Assistants, and staff to get them accustomed to the Brentwood routine. 

After three days of assemblies, scavenger hunts, and house meetings galore, SAC President Megan A, Alex ‘18 knew everyone in the community needed to catch their breaths and relax for a little bit after days that could only be described as hectic. 

The festivities began at 4:30, when Privett House Captain Olamide O, Privett ‘18 waited to be doused with water from above using a dunk-tank like machine. Students and staff alike would have two chances to throw a ball at a target; should they hit said target, a needle connected to a beam would pop a balloon brimming with water, drenching the poor victim below. Olamide wasn’t alone; over the course of the event, several other members of the SEC and Brentwood staff willingly placed themselves in harm’s way for the sake of entertainment: Mr. Felix, Mr. Wismer, Megan, Head Prefect Oliver W, Privett ‘18, Assistant Head Prefect of Athletics Siôn G, Ellis ‘18, and Whittall House Captain Will H, Whittall ‘18. 

While people were getting soaked, the rest of the community was served a BBQ dinner on Founders’ Plaza courtesy of our marvelous kitchen staff. The meal consisted of Beef Sliders, Pulled Pork, Corn, Chicken Wings, and other delicious treats that were heartily enjoyed by all. 

Mr. Bryant took to the mic soon afterwards to host his annual Plaza Fun and Games. First was the classic Simon Says, where both listening and motor skills were challenged before a winner emerged victorious. Three rounds of the game were held to optimize participation. Next was the infamous Watermelon Eating Contest, a fairly self-explanatory event where one competitor from each house had to eat a watermelon as fast as they could. From the get go it was clear who the winner was: Luke A, Whittall ‘19 practically inhaled his watermelon, devouring the competition. At the end was the Water Balloon Toss, where a pair of students from each house had to do exactly that: throw a water balloon across an ever-increasing distance. After several throws and a few eliminations, Mr. Bryant took audience suggestions to cut down the field. The final toss was a one handed catch, where Ellis boys Will N, Ellis ‘18 and Lanny L, Ellis ‘18 reigned supreme. 

The Grande Finale: the Welcome Back Dance, one of the most highly anticipated events of the school year. The SEC and RFAs beautifully decorated the plaza with an assortment of colourful lights and luminous trees. Energetic music via DJs Ori BC, Privett ‘18 and Nick M, Privett ‘18 blared from the speakers. Simply put, the night was about to be lit. 

Groups of students arrived in waves starting 8:00pm, eventually filling the pool that was Founders’ Plaza. As remix after remix resonated throughout the campus, students danced and jumped the night away, whether they were with a small group of friends or in middle of a massive moshpit. Everyone was reluctant to leave when the dance was over, but all left satisfied and glad they had come. 

The End of Summer Bash was a huge success and a fantastic way to celebrate making it through Orientation at Brentwood.Thank you to the Mrs McLean, the SEC, the RFAs, the kitchen staff, and all the other volunteers that helped make this event so great. Hopefully no one will be too tired to give it their all at the Terry Fox Run!

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