Weight Training At Brentwood

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 - By: Ameera E, Allard ‘19

Whether you are hoping to build muscle, become more toned, or get some gains in, the Brentwood weight training program is the perfect way to achieve your gym goals. Weight training programs are individualised to fit each person’s ideal style of working out, and with the help of Ms Scheck, Ms Ramsey and Ms Ostopovich, students can learn new workouts and tools to help them get fitter, stronger and leaner. 

Ms. Ramsey, says that her goal for this program is “to ensure that students have basic instruction on how to use weights safely, and to be aware of their strength”. Weight training student, Alannah G says that she enjoys weight training because she likes having the “fluidity of getting to work on what she wants to”. Sabrina H says she likes weight training because “it helps me achieve my goals”. 

Each class starts off with some cardio, and then moves on to each individual’s weight program, whether that means using the pull up machines, or doing squats with the dumbbells. At the end of each class, everyone participates in some ab workouts to strengthen their core, and then some stretching. 

Weight training takes place in the brand new Foote Centre where the gym has brand new equipment, varying from spin bikes to barbell weight machines. There is also a co-ed and all girls option for weight training, and the all girls class has an all-female coaching staff, promoting athletic training for girls, and inspiring young women to pursue their individual goals.

With the supportive teachers and community in weight training, students are challenged and encouraged to perform to their best abilities. Anyone can achieve their goals in a way that includes both grit and joy.

Ameera E, Allard ‘19

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