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Tuesday, March 01, 2022 - By: Lucca P, Whittall ‘22

Competitive sports teams had a busy few days with the Senior Hockey team’s Showcase game and the Senior A Boys Basketball Islands. Additionally, all three hockey teams participated in the Ross Cup.

As per usual, rowers were also erging in the Foote. A four year member of the program, Alec D, Whittall ‘22 told me that erging is “different from any other kind of exercise in the way that it’s both aerobic and anaerobic.” Alec also mentioned that although he is grateful for what erging does for him out on the water, it is “excruciating at times.” Anticipating the annual Brentwood Regatta that will occur in April you can almost always find the rowers around campus on both art and sports days: in the Foote, in Ross, and of course, out on the water.

The Senior Girls Basketball team should be very proud of themselves. For the first time in decades, the squad has qualified for provincials. For the second time this year, Brentwood’s girls competitive sports teams have reached new milestones, with the Girls Field Hockey team holding their own in provincials back in the fall term earning bronze - a podium finish. And Senior Volleyball finished fourth in the province. Assistant Head Prefect for Athletics, Jocelyn L, Mackenzie ‘22 is proud that the team has qualified to compete against the best in the province and says that “This week we have a lot of preparation and practice to be ready for provies.” Jocie added “To get used to the high level of competition the girls will face next week, we have arranged a scrimmage against Island AAA champion, Claremont.”  

Earlier in the week, after watching the Vancouver Canucks face-off against the newly founded Seattle Kraken, the Senior A boys hockey team took home a tough 2-0 loss to Prince of Wales, at the Kerrisdale Community Center.

Although you can still feel remnants of the Arctic air mass that has recently set itself on BC’s coast, spring is right around the corner which means competitive sports will switch over to the rugby & soccer pitches, the track field, and the tennis courts.

Lucca P, Whittall ‘22

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