Week Won: The Beginning of the Brentwood Journey

Friday, September 13, 2019 - By: Areeb S, Rogers ‘20

“I remember it just like it was yesterday”, exclaimed Cannon F, Rogers ‘22 as he firmly walked through the gates of Brentwood to march across the planks of Rogers House. Brentwood College School is a haven for learning that accepts students from all across the world. The institution has a great range of diversity and shares different cultures, backgrounds and religions.

Classes proceeded on September 6, when students were able to complete short sessions with teachers and get a bright introduction to the academic prospects of the year. It is accurate to conclude that the first week of classes has been going smoothly.

Our supportive staff and academic help centres like the math help centre aid in relieving the new students from fretting over their courses. For grade 12s, this year marks the end of our journey as we mark our footprint in Brentwood and play a new “speed dating” with universities.

This Monday, students were able to get a 30 minute introduction to their art courses and meet their peers and teachers while last Saturday was the first day of athletics.

Moving on in the term, it is essential to plan accordingly and meet deadlines in order to perform well. Getting used to the schedule is often one task students face, and remembering concepts from previous years is often a challenge; however, by preparing early, students can manage to do very well. This year everyone will have to take on the load of courses, arts, athletics and volunteering; it is up to these fine students whether they will wait for opportunities or grasp them on first sight. To not look back and only aim at the final destination of the journey.

Areeb S, Rogers ‘20

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