We Put the S in Sport

Monday, April 30, 2018 - By: Chris SW, Ellis ‘18; Photo by Jim Ganley

As second term came to an end, we said goodbye to one of our most memorable competitive teams. Only one of the team’s member will be returning next year; the rest move on to university. This was an outstanding run for Brentwood Squash. We saw outstanding development; it is easily visible when you compare us to last year when we played (got pummeled by) our competitors. 

For the first time in many years we held our own and proved to the school that we are a very underrated team. This was all thanks to the school’s long-standing coach, Mr Gustavo Verna, the star squash coach and mentor to us all.

We came out of the year with a very strong and well-deserved 3rd place finish in the ISAs at SMUS. At this tournament we faced very tough competition from teams such as Shawnigan and SMUS who have many of the best juniors in all of Canada. The team also had a very nice first place finish at the the Winter Classic held in Victoria. We played against a diverse field of players ranging in level of skill and age.

As the leader of our team Mark W, Ellis ‘18 once told me “When people tell me squash isn’t a sport I tell them they’re right: it’s a lifestyle.” He meant it in a bit of a joking way but he is not wrong in certain aspects. The squash team has been playing together for three years; we are all very close and have created connections just as strong as the rugby teams, the basketball teams, and every one of our 20 female volleyball teams. Nate W, Ellis ‘18 perfectly embodied the game of squash when he said, “Squash is like boxing; you need to know your opponent's move before they make it.” He hit the nail on the head with his analogy. Squash is a very instinctive and energetic sport and is a great place for any student at the school.

Chris SW, Ellis ‘18

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