We All Need Financial Accounting: Come Gage the Fun!

Sunday, January 22, 2023 - By: Taiyo T, Whittall ‘23

Making income statements, balance sheets, and general journals, what fun can there be? Well, thanks to our beloved Whittall Houseparent and Financial Accounting teacher Mr Gage, the students are always engaged in learning with his delightful presence in the classroom. From my experience, this class has been quite a learning experience. As a student looking to pursue commerce and finance in post-secondary studies, this course has taught me important skills such as budgeting and financial statements.

At first, it was quite challenging to learn how to construct each financial statement. However, as we engaged in activities such as the budgeting project where we kept track of our spending over a period of eight weeks practicing and learning how to work with spreadsheets and creating a budget, students quickly got the hang of the material while also learning how to manage our spending habits which is useful in our daily life as students.

Currently, we are in the midst of an intense game of Monopoly, competing against our classmates, while also keeping track of each transaction and creating general journals, income statements, and balance sheets to practice the material we learned in class. Jagre K, Privett 23’ my rival in the game has also expressed how he “never thought an accounting class could be so exciting”.

Students in this course will continue to learn how accounting can be used to make better economic decisions for businesses and in our own real-life situations.

Taiyo T, Whittall ‘23

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