Waterfront Opening

Friday, June 07, 2019 - By: Noah H, Privett ‘19

As the last days of May fly by and June gets going, the countdown is on until we walk out of the Brenwood gates for summer. One of the many bonuses of the last month of the school year is the opening of the waterfront. With the warm weather June has brought it is hard to look at the ocean and not be able to enjoy its refreshing waters. So stating May 30th the waterfront between the Brentwood docks has opened for swimming. Students are able to swim every day of the week of they choose under the supervision of two certified lifeguards and a duty staff member. 

On all Arts days the water will be open from 2-6pm and on Sports days from 4-6pm along with Sunday afternoon. “It’s a new way to relax and spend time with friends, instead of being confined to the field and common rooms. There is also no better way to spend a hot sunny day than in the ocean” observed Bermudian Yannick H. Brentwood has the fortune to be located on the ocean, and what better way to use it then opening it for students to enjoy. The waterfront also gives students with lifeguard certifications the opportunity to exercise their skills. The student lifeguards are paid for time spent on duty, giving them a great opportunity to further their skills while earning some pocket change at the same time. 

The beach in front of the Brentwood boathouse is used all year round for a variety of different uses including, bonfires, and interhouse events and is a great place for students to interact. However, the uses changes with the turn of the weather; the late spring sun is warm enough to take the edge off of the north Pacific. Kaelen M who will be one of our Brentwood student lifeguards said “The waterfront is a good experience to take a break from the busy, stressful Brentwood schedule and instead enjoy a nice day out with some friends. Though the options may only be swimming or sitting around with your friends, I think it's these simpler things in life that we sometimes take for granted and should enjoy while we have them.”

As time starts flying by faster and faster, and exams on the horizon, the waterfront is the perfect place to let off some steam by pressing pause and taking some time to relax. It has only been open for a number of days now and yet their are students in the water or on the docks from the minute the lifeguards get there until they leave. What better way to spend a hot sunny day at Brentwood than in the ocean washing away the day’s worries. 

Noah H, Privett ‘19

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