Want To Be Successful – Do These Two Things!

Friday, December 09, 2016 - By: Mr. Bud Patel

Want to be successful – do these two things!

Entrepreneurial.com’s Brian Tracy recently published his “Seven great habits of the most successful people.” Much of the list was filled with the usual advice – set goals, be results oriented, be action oriented, etc. Two, though, are worth mentioning and speak to the core of Brentwood.

1) Success comes to those who are health conscious. The recent move from first to second term sports reminds me of the importance of this point of our tripartite triangle. We offer a wide range of options from dynamic yoga to competitive ice hockey, from cross-training to varsity basketball. Whatever the choice, we expect our students to fully engage in rigorous physical activity. Our goal is inculcate healthy habits for life. Likewise, our Food Services team seeks to provide a wide range of healthy choices in Crooks Hall and we recently had a dietitian speak to our students. Can we do more – yes! As we (fingers crossed) move into the new Athletic Centre, every student will have access to a health and wellness program – more to come on this.

Success comes to those who are people oriented. Beginning in 1923, relationships have been the bedrock of the Brentwood experience. As we’ve moved to more virtual/on-line relationships, face to face engagement is, perhaps, more important than ever. Tracy argues that successful people “put relationships at the center of their lives.” I am fortunate to see this every day on campus. House common rooms bustle with activity, art studios emanate aesthetic vapour, and classrooms focus on the teacher-student partnership. It is the one thing that binds generations of Brentonians. We remain committed to continuing to create a positive platform to foster deep and meaningful relationships.

A key aspect of a habit is the involuntary nature of this behaviour. I hope that our graduates leave us with these two habits firmly imbedded into their daily lives.

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