Volleyball's First Tournament

Monday, September 18, 2017 - By: Alex T, Allard ‘18

After only three practice, the Senior Girls Volleyball team had a strong start at the Dover Bay Season Opener Tournament in Nanaimo. The girls went 5-1, losing only one game in a third set. This was the continuation of team tryouts, with coach Jill Fougner able to see the girls in game-play action. Notable newcomers were setter Linnea B, Allard ’18, outside hitter Camryn C, Alex ‘19, and middle blocker Jetta B, Hope ‘18. 

A team dynamic was soon visible by the end of the tournament as players settled in, some adjusting to a new position, team, or role as a leader on the court. The Brentwood volleyball program has been reputably strong on the island, and this season’s opening tournament was reassurance of that fact. 

Later this week Brentwood alumna Allie W, Hope ‘16, Lauren H, Allard ‘15, and Mollie G, Mackenzie ‘15, among other notable local volleyball players, will be visiting Brentwood on Friday to scrimmage with the team. With some skilled players on the court, working towards a connection and rhythm between the players on the team is what will lead Brentwood Volleyball to future success this Fall. 

Alex T, Allard ‘18

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