Volleyball ISAs

Monday, October 28, 2019 - By: Chloe C, Allard ‘21

This weekend, the Senior A Volleyball team competed at Crofton House School in Vancouver as a part of the Independent Schools Association tournament.

The weekend got off to a strong start with a win over Stratford Hall. From there on in, the girls went on to lose some close games, and win some more. The team continued to fight through the first day, suffering a difficult fourth game loss to Crofton House. Although they did not come out successful from that game, the Captain did not fail to remind the girls that “Playing teams like these makes us better, and encourages us not to give up”  said Lexus BJ, Mackenzie ‘20.

The second day had an earlier start to the tough Wolves of West Point Grey Academy, but the girls were unfazed. The team’s Assistant Captain did not fail to push the team in a positive direction. Hilary L, Mackenzie ‘20 said that “Positive energy is a must-have for this sport, and it’s something we have if we really try and get excited for ourselves.”

Attitude and positive, team-based, energy is something that is greatly valued in this group, making sure that each player keeps a forward-thinking, sportsmanlike mindset. It not only helps keep up team morale, but it has also been proven to improve performance. It was one of the big focus points for the girls this tournament, and it is safe to say that they did a fantastic job keeping the spirit up all weekend.

Sixteen independent school teams were entered into the competition, with Brentwood finishing in fifth place. Although it is not a medal position, the team fought hard through every game and is proud of their play. This tournament was a challenging one, but it always succeeds in successfully preparing the teams for North Islands and beyond.
Chloe C, Allard ‘21

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