Vic Trip

Thursday, September 28, 2017 - By: Alex T, Allard ‘17

Victoria, BC is usually a bustling city, with some 360,000 people in the greater area. Last Sunday, that number was increased by 500, as buses full of Brentwood students of all grades commuted down to the waterfront city for the much anticipated “Vic Trip”. The day is the first sort-of break from our busy Brentwood life, as students left in the morning after an early brunch to enjoy the freedoms the city has to offer. 

Many made their way to either The Mayfair Mall or The Bay Centre to shop. Seeing the season’s most anticipated movie was another common activity of the Vic Trippers, as many went to view IT. Some used the day to relax - hustling around a shopping centre or the streets of Chinatown can be tiring - and found a place to sit on the grass of the beautiful British Columbia Parliament buildings downtown, taking advantage of the sunshine and free time. 

Thank you to all the adults in the school who made this trip possible, the RFAs for offering their time to supervise, and the teachers for coordinating it. We students appreciate it!

Alex T, Allard ‘17

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